» » Чит для CS:GO hash (#) v55 - premium external multi-cheat

Чит для CS:GO hash (#) v55 - premium external multi-cheat

Скачать чит для CS:GO hash (#) v23 - premium external multi-cheat
Наконец то, новый чит для CS:GO hash (#) v55 - premium external multi-cheat. Я незнаю, каков он в деле, но говорят, что лучше многих приватных читов!! Поэтому тестируем и отписываемся в комментариях! Всем удачной игры!

Загрузка чита

Ребят, честно, переводите сами))))
Features include, but are not limited to:
aimbot, skybox changer, rank revealer, standalone rcs, bunnyhop, music kit spoofer, fov changer, glow esp, chams, auto pistol, hit-sounds

All offical game-modes, including danger zone are supported!

This external cheat was built over the course of a week during my free time.
Sleek and friendly visuals, as well as powerful functionality was the focus during development.
With your help, it can continue to be curated. Enjoy!

1. Download and extract
2. Run the application (run as admin to avoid potential issues)
3. You should be greeted with a loading interface
4. Upon successful load, use the menu to enable/modify features

- False positives are due to the multiple compression/protection methods deployed on the executable, such as obfuscated entry-point code and MS-DOS header modification
- Please report any bugs and feedback to me
- A default configuration file should be created upon initial launch of the application
- You may start the application before or after launching the game
- Credits to ocornut for imgui

- Improved stability
- Teammates are now persistently visible even if "show invisible" is disabled
- Added visiblity check for triggerbot
- Fixed teammates being persistently glown when cl_glow_team is disabled
- Renamed cvar cl_glow_refresh to cl_glow_thread_update
- Added cl_visual_thread_update for glow/chams
- Added middle mouse, mouse 4 and mouse 5 detection

Чит залил вам на яндекс диск, пароль ниже, кайфуйте!!!

И не забудьте отключить Антивирус, всё таки чит это и есть вирус для игры, поэтому некоторые могут реагировать на него!

Для работы чита обязательно установите следующие компоненты: (У кого не установлено) DirectX - Скачать - Обязательно Все нужные библиотеки - Скачать - Обязательно

Скачать бесплатно
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